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Freddy The Frogcaster (2013)

by Janice Dean(Favorite Author)
3.64 of 5 Votes: 5
1621570843 (ISBN13: 9781621570844)
Regnery Kids
review 1: This a joyfully illustrated, wonderfully written story of Freddy a frog whose hobby is meteorology. One day his class goes to the local television station and meet the weather-forecasters. Freddy is friends with Polly Woggins and Sally Croaker. He sees all of the weather screens and can tell something big is coming their way-BLIZZARD! Freddy knows that it is always a good idea to always "Be Prepared" He hustles up flash lights, a first-aid kit and a few other things that may come in handy after learning that Polly will working outside and has not gone out ready for the weather...Be Prepared I hope that children show a positive hobby after reading the book. There is a short encyclopedia of weather and television terms in the back of the book AND a handy checklist if you... more do have that blizzard
review 2: Freddy the Frogcaster is a really fun way to learn about weather and the science of predicting it. Freddy is a frog that loves the weather. With the help of his family he builds his own weather station where he spends hours recording weather information. He enjoys watching Sally Croaker, the local meteorologist, on TV to see if his predictions match up with hers. But when she goes on maternity leave and her substitute is more interested in publicity that accurately predicting the weather, can Freddy step in to save the day by predicting the weather for the upcoming Leapfrog Picnic?The illustrations are bright and colorful and appealing. The story shows not only the importance of weather prediction but the challenges that go with it and how much people rely on it. The length of the text makes it more appropriate for slightly older readers but this would make a fun family read-aloud or a good introduction to weather in the classroom. The information at the end about weather prediction and the instruments used to do it is great for readers who are especially interested in weather (and if my experiences are anything to go by, many children are fascinated by weather). less
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This could have been cute, but it is way too wordy for its young audience.
Cute book for early elementary school to teach basic weather information.
really good we just read it
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