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Tre Anime (2014)

by Janie Chang(Favorite Author)
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8891509752 (ISBN13: 9788891509758)
Fabbri Life
review 1: A simple tale, really. Something like a coming of age novel, taking the main character from about 15 to 25. Set in the 20's and 30's, a tumultuous time in China with both the civil strife between the Nationalists and the Communists, but also incursions from Japan. The book's uniqueness is that the main character is already dead on page one and is telling the tale to her three "souls" (Taosim, here, I guess). She is a ghost in a limbo state, and will not pass to the next life until she has set straight a few things, in reparation for her misdeeds in life. As a spirit, she influences the lives an decisions of the living through their dreams, a creative strategy, but also quite thought-provoking.
review 2: I was sent this book for free through a Facebook book club
... more promotion. That being said, I most definitely would have purchased this book anyway, even if I had not received it for free. It was an amazing read. It pulled me in completely; I felt for the main character, for he family and friends and their struggles. I didn't want to put it down the entire time I was reading it. I have a soft spot for Chinese historical fiction, but this surpassed my expectations and I feel that it would be appreciated by readers who know nothing about Chinese history as well. It takes readers through the tumultuous period between the last Chinese dynasty and the rise of the Communist Party. This time period alone is interesting enough to create a great novel, but the main character's story adds so much more interest to the novel and gives the readers a character to truly relate with. This is a must read. less
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Such a great book - didn't love the ending but it's because I like things wrapped up at the end.
Beautifully written story with wonderful imagery woven into cultural and historical details.
This is such a good book!
Got too boring.
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