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Seeking Spirits: The Lost Cases Of The Atlantic Paranormal Society (2009)

by Jason Hawes(Favorite Author)
3.98 of 5 Votes: 2
1439101159 (ISBN13: 9781439101155)
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review 1: Seeking Spirits disappointed me. I expected more from the co-founders of TAPS who come across on their T.V. show, at least, as being rational debunkers. To the credit of this ghost hunting duo they believe that most supernatural experiences are rare. Their cases are filled with rather prosaic solutions such as unshielded electrical wiring or loose plumbing. The reader can be forgiven their expectation of a more scientific approach, even if the subject matter eludes use of the scientific methods and easily replicated tests. However, that doesn’t represent the majority of the cases presented in this book. The book exposes a side that you don’t see often on their SyFy television series. This book relies less on EMF detectors and infrared cameras and more on folk demonolog... morey and EVP, which can be quite convincing if you witness it for yourself. My hearing is so bad that I can never make it out. I don’t hear any words until I’m told what to expect. Then I hear it just fine. As anybody with a middle school education in science will tell you that makes my “witness” not only unreliable, but it has to be dismissed. The easily debunked cases are included, but so are many that defy reason and strain the boundaries of credulity. Stories of pre-teen girls conjuring up angry spirits with Ouija boards and demonic possessions and such, which is the nonsense I would expect from Lorraine Warren and her late husband Ed. Many of the cases shared in this compendium involve a priest or religious expert who uses the technique of religious provocation to incite the angry spirits to leave a location. None of the stories report a full on ritual of exorcism and should the TAPS team ever encounter such a situation the reader hopes a psychiatric consult is the result.The book is written at the sixth grade level in a folksy, hanging out around the camp fire demeanor that makes it entertaining in places. Additionally, for the beginning paranormal investigator they provide tips and techniques in between some of the cases as well as a glossary of paranormal tips. Final summation: disappointing, but at least fun enough to stick with. You can browse through it in an afternoon or by campfire if you prefer.
review 2: I've loved the Ghost Hunters since the first season the show began. I always hoped that I could meet them and finally I did. My close friend and I got to meet Jason and Grant at Barnes and Nobles in Warwick, RI. They were doing a book signing and they're honestly some of the nicest people I've ever met. I'm sure they hear over and over again how much people love their show but they were still grateful and almost taken aback when we told them. They were even interested in the fact that we became friends because of their show! I liked their books before but I truly loved them after meeting them. They're personalities make me believe in them even more so now.The writing might not be the best but I'm glad they didn't try to go over the top. I felt like I was watching another episode - or even talking to them. less
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Written to be read easily and quickly. Older children would also like it if they enjoy the show.
Awesome to read about their early cases and how they handled them.
Ghost Hunters: a guilty pleasure.
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