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The Most Improper Miss Sophie Valentine (2012)

by Jayne Fresina(Favorite Author)
3.22 of 5 Votes: 1
1402265972 (ISBN13: 9781402265976)
Sourcebooks Casablanca
Sydney Dovedale
review 1: A cute romance between a younger man searching for his angel and an almost spinster who has a tendency for trouble. I LOVED Kane's steadfastness and confidence that Sophie would be his. And that he never tried to be something that he wasn't. There were times that others were trying to decide Sophie's future, and I just didn't understand why she wouldn't give Kane a chance. But happiness reigns. Also to see Rafe as a kid after skipping ahead and reading his story beforehand was fun!
review 2: 29yo heroine is kissed by a 24yo stranger who answered her ad for a husband in the Farmer’s Gazette. She declined his offer since her older brother doesn’t think Hero is suitable & wants her to reconsider her former beau for marriage. She was involved in a scandal 10 y
... moreears ago with her former beau & has been trying to reform her life since. But Hero’s bold remarks & seductive maneuvers are playing havoc with her attempts at a respectable life. What choice does she ultimately make and what repercussions will it have?This is my 1st Fresina book & I felt out of sorts when reading this book. At 1st the writing & plot seemed unique, unpredictable, & promising. I liked how quaint & picturesque the locales & minor characters of the book were. But more than halfway through it became apparent that this was more an ambling & rambling about H & h’s village life & broken references to their past. What seemed unique & promising became aimless & boring. There was such looseness to this book--a back & forth writing about the characters, plot, emotions, location, & time. I got tired of it & was ready to chuck this book about 2/3s of the way through. Heroine’s character was a mess. She seesawed unpredictably between being outrageous, wanton, defiant, and devil-may-care to restrained, temperate, and socially conforming. She seemed logical & responsible in one instance and then impulsive & unthinking the next. It made her look like a crazy person…and maybe she was. Her jumping off the balcony 10 yrs before is an example of her oddity. I still don’t understand why she did it because she wasn’t suicidal nor was she pushed nor driven to it—it was 1 of those rambling & loosely-tied moments in the book. There was an inconsistency about heroine’s defiance & her seeming to conform to her family’s demands. There was no rhyme or reason as to why or when she defied or conformed. We, the readers, were just supposed to know when we read about it. This was one of the most aimless books I’ve read in a while. I was also bothered by heroine constantly blaming Hero for making her do scandalous things with him & Hero thought it was cute & was patient with her indecisiveness. Yet heroine held a lot of power. She dangled Hero & her ex-boyfriend & pretty much did what she wanted, whether her family liked it or not. Hero was more tightly-written but there was still a lot about his history & his character that was a mystery but not in an intriguing way/more of an unclear/confusing way. He’s a beta Hero with a lot of mystery. The only sure thing about him is his obsession with heroine. He idealized her since he 1st saw her at age 14 and, upon meeting her 10 years later, treated her in an indulgently patronizing way. I didn’t feel the love but certainly his strong attraction towards her. Minimally recommended. less
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Pacing is key for keeping me entertained and this book dragged, so I didn't finish it.
Feel good ending. I really enjoyed this book. :)
not sure I'd read this author again.
not a good read
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