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Blade Song (2012)

by J.C. Daniels(Favorite Author)
3.86 of 5 Votes: 1
1617507776 (ISBN13: 9781617507779)
Shiloh Walker, Inc
Colbana Files
review 1: I wanted to like like it but just no. 1. The world building: it's a world similar to Kate Daniels, full of witches and vamps and shifters but so uninspired and dull that it was boring as hell and unoriginal. 2. The characters: he is an asshole and she is an idiot pushover. 3. Which leads me to the romance: not romantic.DNFed at 55% because of the above mentioned idiocy that you will find in this book.
review 2: I think I have e-book related issues. I have this nagging feeling that if I had read this in print then I would have enjoyed it more. Why? Because I am WEIRD. I hate the one page thing, it makes me read fast and that is bad cos I already read fast. Ebooks makes me skim faster too.Ok end of ebook rant, I need therapy.Anyway, Kit is half amazon with ISSUE
... moreS. Yes all caps cos she thinks about her sadistic evil family all the freaking time. If I need therapy then this girl seriously needs it. Because she seems more human, shifters tend to treat her badly. And she constantly has to prove that she can be strong. Just leave Kit. Just leave. She seems weak a lot.Damon is a cat shifter who protects her while she is on a job. She hates him, he is an asshole (but not too bad.) I liked how he was all want! But still stays away. Though at first I wanted him dead, asshole as he was. I mean effing ahole!Good action, story, (I would have liked less of my granma beat me though). But, here is the thing, it was good. But would I buy more? Nah. If I found it at the library, then yes. less
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I'm not sure how it'll play out, but I like the half-Amazon angle.
I'm addicted to this series! :)
Could not put this book down!
Full review to come.
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