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La Lettrice Di Tarocchi (2010)

by Jeanne Kalogridis(Favorite Author)
3.75 of 5 Votes: 1
8830433977 (ISBN13: 9788830433977)
review 1: So many historical figures dominate 15th century Italy - the Borgias, the della Roveres, the Medici, Machiavelli, da Vinci - that it's easy to forget that powerful family in Milan, the Sforzas. Before reading this novel, I knew very little about Caterina Sforza, which is unbelievable!At the start of Kalogridis' portrayal, Caterina is easy to dislike. We come to know her through a fictional character, her half-sister and lady-in-waiting, Dea. Caterina is spoiled and foolish in her youth, but then she must grow up early, as all women had to in the Middle Ages. She was a mother at 15 and by 25, she was a military commander. For a woman to go up against the Borgias is remarkable and her tale is a grand one filled with scandal, religion, mysticism, and love.I very much enj... moreoyed reading this portrayal of such a remarkable woman.
review 2: Another book that I stopped and started..I had no idea that there was a book before this one The Borgia Bride so maybe it might of changed my opinion of this book or I would of felt more at home with the characters...Not sure. After reading a book set in (historic) Japan and leaping over the other side of the world to (historic) Italy it did fiddle with my brain for a tiny bit!Some books I find hard to get into and this was one of those...I'd started this book last year after being distracted by other books...Something about this book wasn't hooking me as much as I wanted so I decided to put it down and attempt it another day..It's strange how my opinion of this book isn't much...Like I don't have a lot to say about it...However in saying that I did end up enjoying the book but maybe it could of been ramped up a little sooner? When I finally sat down and just concentrated on the novel the pages seemed to melt away and then I was excitedly at the end of the book..OH the twist at the end..I didn't really see it coming.Possibly it's a book I'd need to re-read..You know some times books become better the second time you read it. less
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Bleh. I don't think the author even knew where she was going with this. #historyfail
Takes some liberties with history, but overall an interesting read.
Good book. Interesting, captivating.
A nice escape from modern day!
Not awesome.
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