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Bones Of Contention (2010)

by Jeanne Matthews(Favorite Author)
3.16 of 5 Votes: 2
1590587308 (ISBN13: 9781590587300)
Poisoned Pen Press
A Dinah Pelerin Mystery
review 1: This is not "fine or profound" literature, but I thought it was an entertaining read. It wasn't a cozy mystery, nor was it graphic. The geographical details and Strine slang made it a hoot to read and Dinah's character infused a sense of humour into the book that provided quite a few chuckles. There was interesting information about The Top of Australia and a reference to a bar and grill in Darwin that could only be found in the Land of Oz--Duck Nuts Bar and Grill; yes I Googled it and it does exist in the town of Darwin. The protagonist, Dinah Perelin, has (to say the least) a very crazy set of relatives and she has to do some real soul-searching and pain of heart as she learns that her previous notions of them are totally off base. This is the first in a three book serie... mores. The next takes Dinah to the Big Island of Hawaii.
review 2: Review–Bones of Contention, Jean Matthews A well written and intriguing murder-mystery set in Australia, Bones of Contention is an interesting read. The characters are colorful, but are not developed to their full potential. There are a couple of loose ends in Dinah’s recent past which would add a sense of completion if they could be tidied up. Set in the uncommon locale of the Northern Territory in Australia, the setting is austere and the reader is presented with mysterious incongruities from the very beginning. After receiving the call from her half-brother that "Uncle" Cleon (actually her mother’s former husband) has cancer and has decided to die on his own terms via assisted suicide, Dinah uproots her entire life, including lousy job and cheating boyfriend, to travel to Australia. A colorful local inserts himself into her trip and her family’s crisis at the airport, and reappears as things at the lodge get more and more dicey. Dinah’s family is hodge-podge of children coming from Cleon’s two ex-wives and current wife, and she really is an outsider, having a different father, and being born after her mother divorced Cleon. To Dinah, the others all appear to be walking the fine line between legal and illegal activities, and of course, they have as many skeletons in their closets as she does. The twists and turns their hidden pasts provide as Dinah attempts to sort out the many contradictions are fascinating, but the more she digs, the more it appears that someone else is playing puppet-master less
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The Australian Outback setting adds a lot to this classic dysfunctional family mystery.
Really liked this local author (Renton, WA). Can't wait for more from her!
fun mystery...lots of twists and turns. Loved the audio version...
ok, a summer read, but I didn't learn much or get inspired.
Good book. Funny and quick. Lots of funny lingo.
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