Vanessa Williams Appreciation Post

Vanessa Williams’ Background

Vanessa Lynn Williams, a very natural lady that many females look up to. At 20 years old, Vanessa was crowned as Miss America in 1984 in 1983 but was also acknowledged as the first African American to have been crowned- And as a result created history. However, with the great pressure from pageant officials, she resigned and stepped down from her title as fast as she was crowned, when nude photos of her were released.

32 years later, the still stunning and naturally beautiful Vanessa Williams receives a public apology on national television; at the Miss America 2016 pageant. The quote ‘better late than never’ perfectly suits this situation.

Even after having faced all these issues, it did not stop Vanessa from evolving and securing a lead role in a 2006 American comedy series named Ugly Betty. She played the bold, sassy diva named Wihlemina (no not the iconic Dutch model Cooper, but Slater.) Besides continuing to evolve as an actress,  she is an icon to all pageants/models.

What made me personally love Vanessa Williams is the fact that she has always kept all of her looks plain but pure, yet still managing to look sublime. Her natural glowing skin that I’m sure many envy makes her look very tropical, as well as her one of a kind eyes that have us all in awe and gazing for hours, which compliment well with her skin tone.  Though she looks as if she is still in her prime of life, even today at the age of 54, Vanessa is still keeping her make up minimal; evidently seen at New York Fashion week, New York City Ballet of Spring 2017 and many other huge, notable events.


Wilhemina Slater Style

Vanessa Williams was so enamoured with her fiction character that she sometimes answered to people who called her by her character’s name rather than her real name. So I thought that it was only right to share the amazing, chic and sumptuous styles of the one and only Wilhemina Slater.

Blue On Blue

Someone definitely had the blues on the set of Ugly Betty that day. Here, Vanessa is photographed wearing a midi flower patterned dress, assembled with a blue trench coat, which highlights her sophistication. The lighter shades of blue on the flaps of her trench coat prevent the outfit from appearing as dull and having no life to her outfit.  She compliments these shades of blue with a dark rosewood hue lipstick, softening her look, whilst also matching well with her skin tone and her mirror shade sunglasses. If paid great attention to, you will have acknowledged that many of Wilhemina’s hairstyles consist of having the hair placed behind the ears; therefore revealing her earrings that are always fancy and glamorous. It defines her elegance as well as poise class.

Fierce But Fabulous

Her fierceness and dominating manner is not blatantly made clear by her facial expressions, but through her powerful red lipstick. She intensifies this demeanour she is trying to perceive, through the addition of the red belt wrapped around her dress, which adds colour to the garment. This bold, intense colour makes her look intimidating- Which she is viewed as being in Ugly Betty. The grey dress which seems to be of a glen plaid textured fabric highlights her always polished, professional but still greatly trendy attires.

Slaying In Sequin Dress

Despite Wilhemina always being intimidating, judgemental and subdue through her facial expressions, we cannot deny that the lady’s class and glamour does her personality great justice. This view is strongly confirmed by this swank, dazzling look that simply yells wealth and luxury! She slayed this nude sequined dress with silver crystal drop earrings. The light, natural make up with a touch of lip-gloss generates a natural glow and blends well with her skin complexion. As the dress already creates a wow-factor, a subtle make up was best chosen for this look.

Whilst always and will forever be known as Miss America 1984, Vanessa Williams has rightfully gained her title as a renowned stylish TV character alongside her role as a whole. This fabulous lady continues to grow and GROW her success, as she lands herself a recurring role as Kelly Fraiser in the new 2017 Sit-Com series, “Me, Myself and I.” The sky is the limit with this phenomenal actress, singer and model.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Thank you! X

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