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The Rockabilly Goats Gruff (2014)

by Jeff Crosby(Favorite Author)
3.17 of 5 Votes: 4
0823426661 (ISBN13: 9780823426669)
Holiday House
review 1: This fun rewrite of the classic fairytale casts the three billy goats as members of a band circa the 1950s.The language really works and makes for a great read aloud given the right reader. Neither the goats nor the troll are presented as bad guys which gives the whole story a happy feel from cover to cover. Illustrations were rendered using acrylics, watercolor, and crayons. PreK-2.
review 2: Three billy goats with their Elvis do's, and their rattletrap jalopies, are on their way to their gig at Nanny May's Shimmy Shack. To get there, however, they must cross a bridge--a troll bridge. The troll's just trying to catch himself a meal when the noisy goats drive up, scaring off the critters he'd hoped to consume. First a guitar, then a bass, then a drum set frustr
... moreate the troll, then the musicians scoop him up and take him along. Dang if the barbecue isn't better than a home-roasted frog! And the music--well that sets the trolls toes a tappin'. This story is full of fun beatnik slang and enjoyable language, not to mention a bit of a beat itself. There's plenty of opportunity for the reader to make odd sounds and raise a ruckus of their own. Then there are the bright, energetic illustrations. This a version of "The Three Billy Goats Gruff" that librarians will love for story mtimes, and that teachers will enjoy using as a compare and contrast. Kids will just enjoy it for the bouncy feel and fun concept. less
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Great for second language learners to learn new words such as, smithereens, troll, etc.
Possible ST themes: goats, fairy/folk talesProbably for older group
Fairy tale retold with a music-themed twist
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