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College Unbound: The Future Of Higher Education And What It Means For Students (2013)

by Jeffrey J. Selingo(Favorite Author)
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0544027078 (ISBN13: 9780544027077)
New Harvest
review 1: Selingo's study is a well-researched study of the current condition of higher education. I was also impressed by many of the solutions he proposes throughout. While the vision he offers is scary for those affiliated with traditional institutions and approaches to instruction, he clearly has the learner in mind. Additionally, his text has a welcome defense of a retooled approach to liberal arts. His research confirms the importance of a strong core curriculum experience. He also illustrates how downright awful those of in the Humanities have been over the past thirty years in showing our value--not only to the intellectual growth of students but also their future careers. Perhaps if we were less inclined to resist assessment and embrace it as an indicator of what lear... morening occurs in our classes and the way this learning prepares students for future opportunities, we would find ourselves moving closer to the heart of the university again, rather than lament our peripheralization.For all of my colleagues in higher ed, you need to read this book. For anyone else with a son or daughter approaching college age, they should read it to ensure they are informed consumers. For those considering careers in higher ed, it is a useful text to understand the current instability within the industry and to navigate the changes which we will undoubtedly see due to the current and future crises we endure.
review 2: Es un libro muy necesario para todos aquellos profesores y académicos que están de alguna manera relacionados con los programas y los currícula de las universidades. Si bien parte del libro trata de situaciones ajenas a la realidad universitaria de México (cuestiones de préstamos universitarios, becas y ayudas; campus-resorts y fraudes para atraer a alumnos destacados), algunas partes del libro deberían ser estudiadas a fondo sobre todo antes de hacer cambios en los programas universitarios. El libro critica y da argumentos en contra de algunas de las prácticas de las universidades estadounidences que, desafortunadamente, han sido adaptadas por acá como grandes innovaciones: el impacto negativo de la tecnificación de las universidades por sobre la educación que ha convertido a los egresados en productos caducables; la empresarización y el dominio de la visión utilitarista de los administradores más preocupados por el estado de resultados que los efectos positivos de la educación para la sociedad o que el beneficio del estudiante mismo; el desprecio por las artes liberales, baluarte de la generación de ideas, pensamiento crítico, liderazgo, valores y ética. Etc. Lo más interesante para mi fue, además de enterarme de mucho sobre los estudios superiores, cómo las universidades están cambiando y adaptándose a las necesidades de sus alumnos del siglo XXI. Los últimos capítulos me parecieron extraordinarios por dar ideas y ofrecer argumentos a partir de estudios sobre los beneficios de recibir una buena educación. less
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I thought it was a good read on the current state of higher education written by a credible source.
Only about 20 or 30 % of this was complete bullshit and eduspeak. Might be useful in places.
Lots of food for thought about the future of college education.
Don't agree with everything but it was thought-provoking.
Great reporting!
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