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China In The 21st Century (2010)

by Jeffrey N. Wasserstrom(Favorite Author)
3.44 of 5 Votes: 4
0195394127 (ISBN13: 9780195394122)
Oxford University Press, USA
review 1: I had to read this book for a reflection paper for a course on Pacific Asian History, and I was pleasantly surprised how informative and easy to understand this book was! The author goes into great detail but in few words -if that makes sense. Starts out with a historical overview, which helped me in other aspects of my college course, and was EASY to understand. Then goes into more current history and issues that China faces today. Very open minded, no 'bashing' of any nation, just plain facts and understanding of issues.
review 2: A brief but useful book that will provide some insight into the hopes and fears of the current regime in China and the Chinese people. The first half focuses on the historical context; this is only partly successful in that it reall
... morey doesn't inform the reader about the true historical sweep of the Chinese story. The book is better at clearing up misunderstandings that Americans have about what's happening in China now. less
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Great book about this rising superpower. We should all be learning a Chinese language now!
If you want to understand China and only read one book, make this it.
Super readable. Very enlightening.
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