Value Village Haul

A few days ago was Halloween and every Halloween we (husband and I ) try to figure out a theme for our family. This year was Mortal Kombat (on another blog). As we tried to find some stuff to complete the costumes, we thought to try out Value Village because they of a costume section. As we got there and kept our mind on completing the costumes, I started to take a look around. I looked around to see what was new or if there is some pieces to add to my closet. Of course there!! Yay for me!!

As I was looking around, I was thinking to myself that we put our old clothes we don’t want anymore in places like value village and salvation army because it’s missing a button or the zip is broken, all totally fixable. Yes some of the stuff I got needed a button but I didn’t mind. I also found a winter just for one of my children. Children grow too fast to buy new ones so I check Value Village first and if their isn’t one then off to the stores.

I usually do a haul like this during a new season or when the children need some jeans. Mind you the jeans end up with holes, more on the teenagers then the young children. Value village is a great second hand or hand me down store that you have to pay for which we love when we don’t need to worry about paying the expensive prices. Always great for big families like mine. Try it sometime!! You might find something you love!!


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