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Encounters With Enoch Coffin (2013)

by Jeffrey Thomas(Favorite Author)
4.26 of 5 Votes: 1
1626410003 (ISBN13: 9781626410008)
Dark Regions Press
review 1: What I initially enjoyed about Encounters was the writing style. If you like dark fiction as well as Poe and Lovecraft you can't go wrong here. This is my first Pugmire book and while I have never read anything by Jeffery Thomas I'm planning in rectifying that as soon as I can. They have a gift of putting their arm around your shoulder and making you feel as if you're right there with the characters which a lot of writers fail to do. Encounters with Enoch Coffin is a short story collection with a unified theme. Each story revolves around Coffin an eccentric painter. These are creepy, dark, atmospheric stories that bring a new life to not only horror, but also Lovecraftian fiction. These aren't your ordinary run of the mill horror stories. These are a bit darker and r... moreemind us why Lovecraft and Poe are legends of dark fiction. I received Encounters With Enoch Coffin in exchange for an honest review and I am now a fan of both of these talented authors.
review 2: The hardcover editions of ENOCH COFFIN have been horrendously delay'd, as those of ye who order'd know too well. It's frustrating to me, because I can do nothing about it. Dark Regions Press has encountered problems with backlog at their bindery and turmoil within the publishing house. The trade paperback, which should have been the last edition publish'd, is now in print and available at Amazon. For those who don't mind a trade pb edition, this one is very good, sturdily produced, and contains all of the art from the book except the back cover portrait. I'm hoping that the book will come out next month (June) or by July at the latest. It really MUST be publish'd by the time NecronomiCon Providence comes around or I will be severely upset. My other hardcover, also slightly delayed, has just been printed and should be in the mails to ye who order'd it within ye next week. My thanx to my readers for their patience. The situation sucks big-time, but again, it is out of my control. less
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Purchased directly from the publisher, their moving sale Summer 2013.
Solid entertainment by no means abstract
#112 of the numbered editions.
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