Jessica’s Guide to Dating on the Dark Side by Beth Fantaskey

I’ve always been a fan of this book, enough to read it again to make sure it wasn’t just my tweenie-bop brain obsessing over it just because it came out during my supernatural creature phase. To explain, I first read this while I was obsessed with True Blood (books and show), Vampire Diaries and Supernatural. So I recently reread it to see if I enjoyed it as a story and not just because there’s a vampire in it.

And yes, I did.

Here’s why:

  • The main girl, Jessica, is nothing like the moody, annoying, stupid, love sick waste of space a certain character portrays in a not-to-be-named, terrible series… Jessica is actually likeable and strong. She spends a good portion of the book hating Lucius (our lead vampire prince) and thinks he’s crazy for calling himself a vampire. Despite the fangs and the facts that he lays out, she refuses to believe it’s anything more than a trick and his delusions. She also appropriately scared of him, which makes sense! She doesn’t watch his fangs come out, caress his marble form and then kiss him. NO. SHE STEPS BACK, CRIES IN FEAR, AND THEN RUNS AWAY. I also like how funny she is, and then later when she accepts her own royal vampire past and destiny, she holds her own; she’s very powerful. She doesn’t need Lucius to take charge. She commands the room! I loveit when both romantic leads can be strong and independent, because it makes them that much fiercer when they band together. And just the fact that she is a vampire instead of a boring human (like most vampire stories) was a nice change.
  • I like it how Jessica isn’t the only one who changes over the course of the book. Just when she’s ready to honour the marriage pact, Lucius decides to break it. After learning about his past, the reader wants him to rebel and try for a more free life! It was nice to know that Lucius wasn’t as perfect and stoic as he first showed himself. He has dreams of his own that don’t involve being the ruler of their vampire houses. I like how Jessica’s kindness and loyalty begin to rub off on him, just as his resolve and bravery rub off on her.
  • It was interesting to see what would happen when their school friends figured out Lucius’ vampire secret. I was on the edge of my seat during the barn beat down! I won’t say more because I don’t want to ruin it for you all.
  • I loved how much I hated Faith. And it’s not because she dates Lucius for a while, but it’s because she’s vile and reminds us of the darkness in Lucius. Like Lucius said, Faith is just as dark and cruel as he is. She proves it too! I love it when a good villainous character plays their part perfectly to drive the story.
  • Jessica’s parents are great because they’re realistic. Depsite knowing that their adopted daughter is a vampire princess meant to marry a vampire Romanian prince, they love her like she were their flesh and blood and they don’t want her to go. They want this pact to disolve so Jessica can get back back to a normal life. They protect her at every turn. And yet, they still care for Lucius and his safety if the pact is disolved. They love him like family too. It’s very sweet!
  • The marriage pact and impending war if it is broken was the perfect way to drive the storyline. It added a sense of urgency urgency and doom, especially since they almost went to war by the end! Very thrilling! Reminds the reader that they have bigger drama then high school problems.
  • I won’t say any more because I want to leave you all with surprises. Enjoy, Book Babies! I’m off to read the sequel!

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