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The Other Fish In The Sea (2013)

by Jenn Cooksey(Favorite Author)
4.23 of 5 Votes: 4
Jenn Cooksey
Grab Your Pole
review 1: WHAT WAS WITH THAT ENDING? That came out of left field, o m g. As for other unrelated comments: -The Thanksgiving retreat felt very separate from the rest of the book. I almost felt like it should've been its own novella! -Jenn Cooksey likes ellipses... a lot...-Are they really all high school students?! Some of it was reallllly farfetched (especially familial reactions). -I loved having the different perspectives! -Jenn Cooksey likes the 80s a LOT. Considering the audience, I'm not sure everyone will get the references.-This is definitely a guilty pleasure read of mine!
review 2: 4 stars, the gang is hilarious but I dropped one star because in the latter parts of the book everyone suddenly had a "G" dropping problem. Or make that droppin'. Even the adults. In
... moreone chapter they'd be cooking and in another they'd be cookin'. Camie spoke a lot differently in the first half of the first book, with her declaring (or declarin') that her homeschooling (homeschoolin'?) had a lot to do with her impressive vocabulary. She goes to AP English and reads Jane Austen, why in the world is she talkin'/g like that?! less
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Going to wait until the third book comes out as I've heard this one has a major cliffhanger
Cliffhangers... Hate them!!!! Still liking the series enough to get the next book ASAP!
I'm sooo loving this series!
I hate cliffhangers. Ugh!
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