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The Throne of Glass series is pretty much my entire life. I have so much merchandise for it, and I know so much about the series that it’s sad. Sarah J. Maas is one of the best authors of this day to be honest. This series isn’t life changing or anything, but it is super fun to read and full of action. I have them all through twice (because I love to torture myself.) But I love these characters to no end, SJM does an amazing job at making her characters so real. She makes the whole world of Erilea seem so real as well. She is just AWESOME, okay.

I will post the links to each of my Goodreads review for this series below, because I don’t want this page to be extremely long. Also, I’m super lazy and don’t want to write new reviews for this series AHA.

This series is where my OTP has taken form. *Empire of Storms Spoiler*  My OTP forever and always will be Manorian (Manon x Dorian.) That ship has taken over my life and I am trash for it. If there is any Manorian fanart, then I will have probably seen it. If there is anything related to Manorian than I’ve probably seen it. I even have a mug with them on it, and bookmarks. It’s a very unhealthy obsession

See ^^ I was not joking. They are PRECIOUS.

I do want to talk about the character fora bit, and give a rundown on why I love them. Does contain series spoilers, but I think pretty much everyone has read them. But if you haven’t, I will say the book before going into the spoiler.

Aelin Ashryver Galathynius: Aelin is an amazingly strong character. When we first meet her in Throne of Glass, I absolutely despised her. She was annoying, and needy and complained a lot. But the first two installments are very juvenile works, compared to the rest of the series. Which is why I think that Aelin grows with the series, because Sarah J Maas’ writing also evolves throughout the series. Aelin is definitely very mature now, which I think is awesome. Honestly, she has one of the best character developments.  I didn’t actually fall in love with her as a character until Heir of Fire, where she goes through a lot of emotional trauma. She is broken, and cannot find her way. And she grows within herself and comes out so different. Aelin is definitely a worthy main character for this series. To Whatever End … To Whatever End.

Prince Dorian Havilliard: This poor child. Dorian has always been my favorite male lead in this series. Even when you first meet him in Throne of Glass, he is a strong character. And sure, at times he seems a little extra at first, but he grows as well. All of SJM’s characters have a lot of character development, so I might be saying that for every character to be honest. Dorian has always had a privileged life. He hasn’t ever wanted or needed for anything in his life. His story is definitely not a “started from the bottom” story. And at the end of Heir of Fire, when he gets that collar on his neck, and he breaks inside. And has to be redeemed within himself. (Also just realizing that Heir of Fire is the book of breaking my favorite characters. WHY?) And now in Empire of Storms, he has such an important role in the series. I couldn’t be more proud of this bean.

Chaol “Captain of the Guard” Westfall: I hate him. Hate. Hate. Hate. But I didn’t always hate him. I very much loved him in Throne of Glass and in Crown of Midnight. But then in Heir of Fire (oh Lord, here we go again) he goes downhill so hard. HE IS SO RUDE. And he turns his back on Aelin. And just no. My hate for Chaol runs deep. SO SO DEEP. I don’t even want to talk about him anymore. Just know that I loathe him, to no end. 

Prince Rowan Whitethorn: Rowan is a very interesting character. At the beginning of Heir of Fire when we first meet him, I hated him. I didn’t want anything to do with him, because he was so rude and harsh. But we get to see this side of him while he’s training Aelin that is different. He turns into this big ole softy when he’s around Aelin. He grows into this character that is so strong. He is exactly what Aelin needed in her life, and together they are INVINCIBLE. (Not really though … read Empire of Storms.) I do wish we had more of a back story to him though. We don’t see very much of his earlier life, and I wish that we could get to know Fetus Rowan.

Lysandra … Does She Have A Last Name? : Lysandra is BAE. Honestly she is. Though at first, in Aelin’s eyes, Lysandra is very prude. But then in Queen of Shadows, we get to see a whole new side of her. She is easily on the top 3 on the Strongest Characters list for this series. Lysandra had a very troubling past, due to her working for the brothels. And she is still dealing with her struggles in the story. SJM doesn’t just shove off Lysandra’s past, she makes it seem very real. And Lysandra is still struggling, but hopefully she finds some solace in the last book. SHE DESERVES IT.

Aedion Ashryver: Aedion is the most relatable character for me. We’re pretty much the same person, to be honest. He has such a love for his cousin (Aelin) and it knows no limits. They are best friends and that’s how me and me cousin are. BEST FRIENDS TILL THE END. But then Aedion also struggles a lot with who he is, and what he is for his country (okay that isn’t me but whatever.) I wish someone would just hug him because he needs it.

Manon Blackbeak: I SAVED THE BEST FOR LAST. My love for Manon knows no bounds. I have never loved a character so much in my entire life. She is so amazing and evil and honestly if something bad happens to her, then I will riot. When we first meet her in Heir of Fire, I loved her. IT WAS LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT. But to be honest, I love anything to do with witches. Witches are so cool! And Manon isn’t this heartless witch like she is made out to be. She loves her Thirteen to no end. She loves Abraxos to no end. SHE LOVES DORIAN… hopefully. Ahaha. Manon is just everything amazing. And if I could, I would bring her into our real life.

Woo, was that too much? Hopefully not, LOL.

Okay, all the main characters are done. THAT TOOK FOREVER. But below are the links for the Goodreads links. And beside them, I have posted 5 words to describe the whole book. It’s harder that in looks.


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