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Wild Irish (2009)

by Jennifer Saints(Favorite Author)
3.79 of 5 Votes: 3
Between Your Sheets Publishing
review 1: This was a fantastic read. I couldn't put it down. It is the perfect mix of every thing. If you want steamy sex scenes, it has them. Do you want suspense and the who did it anxiety? It has that too. Don't mind a little bit of action, well it's in there too. There's even a slight heart wrenching, and it's not because of the main characters. I mean it even has the snooty southern grandmother from the old days. A book filled with not just the hunky hero, but he has brothers. Real characters with real issues. My favorite character was not a main character, it's Lucy. She will steal your heart.
review 2: The storyline was not bad but needed development. It was suppose to be set in GA and France but it could have been set anywhere. There was a real lack of descript
... moreion and regional language that would make it sound like it was taking place in GA.I don't mind sex but if you make a drinking game for how many times the word sex was used, you would be blind drunk in the first three chapters. That improved by the end of the book but the word was still over used. You could certainly find other both anatomical and descriptive words to take its place. I don't know how many times this guy could grab her "hot sex" and not think of another word.Some of the sex scenes went on so long, I got bored and wondered if these people did not at least break for food once in awhile. Surely at least one of them was getting either sore, worn out, or both.If more time were spent on story and character development, this might have been a really good story. There were a couple of interesting concepts.There were many typos and just bad editing (the same thing is said more than once) to the point it was distracting. less
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An easy reading romance. Can be a Tad predictable but thats what you read romance for, right?
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2.5-3 starsThe typos! Ahhh!!!!
Really enjoyed this book!
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