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Beneath The Willow (2000)

by Jeremy Asher(Favorite Author)
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Jesse & Sarah
review 1: Is it just me or is Jesse turning into a self righteous pompous JERK!!! I am truly starting to despise this guy.. if I had to read how much he "LOVES" one of them one more time I will seriously PUKE!! its Kate..then sara...then Kate and then Sara...BLAH BLAH....I think he deserve to be ALL ALONE!! LMAO...there I ranted and I feel better now.. but seriously he is rubbing on my nerves..but I am in this now, sooooo Book 3 here I come!! LMAO...What can I say OCD wont allow me to not finish the series LMAO
review 2: Sequels are usually not as good as the first and in this case, it is true again. I loved the first book and I loved this one, but I always have trouble with "seconds" that have to "re tell" parts of the story in the first and this was no exception. I
... morefound some of the things brought up from the first book to be unnecessary and I was disappointed with the storyline of the long lost mother being glossed over and not really reconciled. All that being said, the characters got to me. I related to them all. I felt the anger, the love and the sadness. Damn book got me crying again!! The author did his job by telling a story and wrapping the reader up in it. Will definitely read from this author again. less
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Well written, kept my attention. I got a little annoyed with Jesse or it would have been 4 stars.
I loved this book!Just as good as the first. I can't wait to read the next book in this series.
This was the second book of the series I've read, and I look forward to another.
Better than the first! Now ready to start the third!
This ending surprised me and it was a tear jerker.
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