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Torment (2000)

by Jeremy Bishop(Favorite Author)
3.43 of 5 Votes: 5
review 1: I LOVED this book. I don't feel it is a zombie book at all, these people were the living dead but not like the typical zombie living dead. They know what they are doing, are horrified by it, but cannot control themselves. It was a fun, fast read and I loved every minute of it, including the ending, I thought it ended perfect. Those who did not enjoy it must have expected a certain type of book or just didn't understand the book at all. This book makes you think, makes you wonder and for me had be going crazy when I was done waiting for a friend to finish it so we could talk about it. Isn't that what makes an awesome book?
review 2: Jeremy Bishop has a way of writing that makes you question everything and allows your imagination to continue what his started, whi
... morech is totally creepy but fantastic. I couldn't put it down and regret that I may have nightmares because of it. But it was definitely worth it. The ending is shocking and not what I expected, but that is what is so good about Bishop - he does the unexpected and doesn't apologise for it, nor should he. A book that will definitely be in the 'repeat read' pile. less
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Terrible. Religious end of days crap incorrectly billed as regular horror. Ugh. Just awful.
If you like the show walking dead read this!
A detailed snapshot of hell.
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