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Hunted By The Others (2010)

by Jess Haines(Favorite Author)
3.58 of 5 Votes: 3
1420111876 (ISBN13: 9781420111873)
H&W Investigations
review 1: 2.5 starsI liked the beginning and I liked the bare bones of the story. I felt like this could be a great book, especially with Royce the vampire and Shia getting dragged into that world. However, the author seemed to waste that great plot potential and focused on alot of boring parts. I was very uninterested after a while, skimming, and I found myself not caring about any of the characters. They were all so blah (especial Arnold), except for maybe Royce. I was interested in him. Shia was a bit of a stupid character aswell. I would have liked her as a normal innocent PI, but the author tried to turn her into a supernatural hunter with an ankle length black leather coat and she is just not smart enough or bad-ass enough to get away with that. That belt is way too much of an... more easy way out too.The ending was exciting and I like it. I would like to read the rest of the series, in hope it's gets better.
review 2: I have some pretty apathetic feelings towards this book. I think there were a lot of parallels to some other series I read. However I'm willing to give it the benefit of the doubt and check out the next installment and find out if it's just off to a slow start.Shia is a private detective who runs her own business with her best friend, Sara. They mainly stick with human clients but a chance case that had dealings in Weres caused Shia to be on the Others radar. The Others are all of the supes that are out of the closet and they live side by side humans. We have the usual suspects, Weres, Vamps, Mages, etc. Shia used to date a Were until she found out what he was. She says that they broke up because he lied to her not because of the whole Were thing...but the humans in this book are a bit prejudiced against the Others.Shia reluctantly takes a job to find an artifact that the mages believe a vamp has. She doesn't really want to work for the Others but she needs the money desperately. However when she goes to search for the artifact, things quickly get reversed and she finds herself in contract with a vamp. Some quick thinking on her part keep her out of his clutches but things are still bad. Once the type of artifact is revealed Shia quickly realizes this isn't going to be a cut and dry case.Honestly I was more interested in this book at the end. Everything leading up seemed kinda bland and not really all that captivating. The end of the book tells us that this is just the lead up story to how Shia became involved in working with the Others more closely and sets the tone to how the rest of the series might go, the characters, and the world that we're going to be involved with. So once we get all of that at the end, it gives you a better understanding. Plus the last quarter of the book really wasn't as boring as the beginning.I think I'll hold off on more judgement until the next book. This was an okay start but it wasn't anything that I'd read again or really captivate me so that I'd be thinking or talking about it for the next couple of days. We'll see what happens though. less
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I liked it. Looking forward to the others in the series
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