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The Others - Sie Sind Unter Uns (2011)

by Jess Haines(Favorite Author)
3.58 of 5 Votes: 3
3453355490 (ISBN13: 9783453355491)
Diana Verlag
H&W Investigations
review 1: This book killed me! Not many books get me so excited about the chemistry between characters that I have to flip to the end just to read what happens but this book did. Shia is just the series I have been looking for while I wait for more books by Ilona Andrews, and Patricia Briggs. I love series about paranormal shifters, and vampires. It also makes me think of the Anita Blake series, vivid characters, intense battle drawn scenes, and smoking hot chemistry between the characters. Overall entertainment was five stars.
review 2: I picked up this series due to a website I found that rated it one of the 10 best UF series out today. Since the other picks included things like Kate Daniels, Fever, Dresden Files, Women of the Otherworld, The Hollows and Downside Ghos
... morets... which are all in my top 10 favorites as well... I was really looking forward to reading the series.So far, Hunted by the Others is pretty damn good. While I wouldn't put it in my top 10, for a first book in the series I really enjoyed it.Shiarra is an ordinary human, who avoids the Others, and getting mixed up in their world. Even taking cases their in her detective agency is usually something she avoids. However when one of the Magi offered her enough money to keep her business afloat for a long while, just to keep an eye on a vampire, she caves. The situation escalates from there, putting her life, and everyone she cares about at risk.All in all, it was a pretty good story. I can't say I have alot of interest in Shia herself. I actually spent a good chunk of the book thinking she was an idiot. (Actually that part reminded me alot of Rachel, from the Hollows, in early and middle books) The story however was entertaining, all the characters were well fleshed out, and the action kept me interested. I'm hoping that later books will see me enjoying the MC more, as happened with Rachel. Character growth can help alot! less
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Enjoyed this book the second time around just as much as the first.
I didn't love the character development and the overall tone.
Eh bien vivement le 2 !!!!!!!!
Good start for this series.
3,5 Sterne
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