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Becoming Red (2012)

by Jess Raven(Favorite Author)
3.61 of 5 Votes: 3
0957484607 (ISBN13: 9780957484603)
Raven and Black
The Becoming
review 1: First and foremost let me say that this is a difficult review for me to write. There are so many aspects of this book that are truly great; yet, the story fails to be a really good read mainly due to the disjointed writing. "Becoming Red" had the potential to be mind blowing but it just left me scratching my head in an attempt to determine whether to go on with the series or not.Washing DeMorgan hurriedly boards a plane to Dublin after receiving notification that the grandmother who raised her suffered a stroke. Ash has been living in the U.S. since the terrible events of her past that left her mother murdered and her dead stepfather accused of the crime.When Ash arrives at the hospital, her grandmother's heart rate increases to the point she has to leave before she gets t... morehe answers she wants. So, she goes to her gran's cottage where her neighbor quickly returns her oversized dog. Then, as she tries to sleep she awakens to a strange man in the house. She hits him in the head with a skillet only to discover he is her gran's tenant, Connal, who lives downstairs.Soon, Ash discovers that there is a drug on the streets making sex slaves out of unsuspecting women and their are men who are hunting her due to her unique blood. What she didn't count on is that these men are werewolves who ancestry is steep in Irish folklore. Can she find a way to survive and will loving Connal or "Big Bad" surely be the death of her?Usually when you read a book steeped in mythology or folklore, the author provides you with adequate background knowledge to assist in your understanding. While this writing duo references Irish myths, it just is not enough and leaves the reader confused and frustrated at times. At other times, they insert information that is just not necessary to the understanding or flow of the plot. I guess I'm just not a fan of this writing team's style. If a more straightforward approach had been used, I would have loved this book. The plot is unique, fast paced with interesting characters. I will warn you though that the material is dark at times and displays violence against women.At this point, I am not sure if I will go on to the other books in this series; so for now, I will take a break and read several reviews of other people before making my decision. If this book sounds like something you would enjoy, give it a try. It is currently being offered for free on Amazon.com.
review 2: I have to say, got this book because it was free and I love shifter books, toss in the Celtic mythos and I am in heaven. Having said that though, I almost put it down a few times up to the point Ash got scratched. After that "dog fight" I was totally immersed, completely mesmerized. I am not one to do a plot synopsis in a review, there are enough mentioned in these reviews I shouldn't have to, so I will just tell you why I liked the books. First...shifter...hunky, darkly troubled, out to right the wrongs shifter. Second, a strong female...okay, Ash started out whimpy, but once the going got rough, she does toughen up- once she realizes that the event that scared her mentally as a child really did happen. Third, the authors pulled me into the story, I felt like it was more a movie than a book. Anything I didn't like? Yeah, most up to the "dog fight" was wordy, over the top wordy. Tighten it up on the lead up to the "dog fight" and I would rate it 5 stars. All in all an enjoyable romp. I will be getting the next one for sure, hoping the writing at the end of the first book continues into the second. less
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Really liked this book but the ending was really a disappointment so I'm anxious to read #2.
Really enjoyed this fantasy book. My heart may no belong to Big Bad.
what???? this is the first book I have quit in ages.
Little Red and Big Bad's story.
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