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Deadly Donuts (2013)

by Jessica Beck(Favorite Author)
3.89 of 5 Votes: 5
Cozy Publishing
Donut Shop Mystery
review 1: A poor book that was almost salvaged by a kickass ending. Jessica Beck's output keeps on getting weirder and weirder. Maybe reading so many stories of them in succession helped in noticing these abnormalities. Acquaintances that suddenly speak intimately, with Suzanne stroking the hair of Angelica (where did that come from?)...the mayor, out of the blue, having a wild temper and a short fuse...the couple of Suzanne and Jake refusing to spend time together. All of this can be explained, and frankly I wouldn't have been this negative if I knew I would have an audience(and frankly the next, remaining books will get harsher treatment, probably), but hey, I cherish my freedom in writing a sincere review. So two stars despite the more than excellent ending? That sounds about r... moreight.
review 2: In Book ten of The Donut Mysteries, we learn even gentle natured donut shop owner, Suzanne Hart's family possesses dark times in their lives. In past days it was considered proper child raising not to let your children know about personal problems, like lack of money, domestic issues, etc. To Suzanne's shock, when a stranger comes into the store and attempts a blackmailing of her, that her own parents had kept dark times hidden from her.Suzanne, although not believing the lies the blackmailer is spewing, demands to 'see' the proof. Agreements are made to meet at midnight, but, upon arrival at the agreed upon site, someone else has taken exception to the man. The police arrive and Suzanne knows she can't let the matter rest.Supported by her best friend, Grace and Suzanne's boyfriend, Jake (who takes a sabbatical,) the team plans to get at the root of the blackmailer's accusations. Where is the proof? People begin to come out and confess to Suzanne that they, also, were approached by the slimy man. April Springs has secrets and as any good murder mystery reader knows...secrets cause murder!This was a good solid murder mystery. Definitely a cozy one. The connection between Suzanne and her Mother, Jake, Grace, and dear friends in April Springs is admirable. I read this series because of it's gentle edge. It is a cozy and as such means no moments of painful suspense. Just solid good writing. Also, wonderful donut recipes, including healthier baked versions. A pleasant read for all. less
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I have read this whole series and this one didn't grab me like the others .
Love this series. The characters and story are very well written.
I love this series. keep it up
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