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Millionaire Affair (2014)

by Jessica Lemmon(Favorite Author)
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1306896649 (ISBN13: 9781306896641)
Love in the Balance
review 1: This was a fun and sexy read, totally swoon worthy!Landon is a millionaire who has a mission he needs help with. He is stuck babysitting his nephew and needs someone to help him with this task. Angel, Landon's sister has suggested he hire her best friend Kimber for this job. Although Kimber has no experience with kids, she takes the job because she needs the money for her business. She's been trying to buy out her ex who happens to be her co-owner of her store.Kimber has always had a thing for Landon. She has been friends with Angel since they were kids and she secretly harbored a crush on Landon. Landon has never seen Kimber in any way other than just a friend. So when he sees her again, he can't believe what a beautiful woman she has turned out to be. Landon has ... moreguarded his heart ever since what happened with his girlfriend from college, she really broke his heart and he's had nothing but arranged girlfriend's since then. What Landon didn't expect was for his feelings for Kimber to turn to true love. He watched how she interacted with his nephew and he longed for that, he longed for a family that he could have had when he was in college, he just didn't realize it. Can Landon woo Kimber and make his dream come true by becoming a family with her? Can Kimber accept his proposal's or is she going to continue being stubborn and keep him at arm's length? This was a very steamy read and the sex scenes were hot!The ending to this love story was just perfect. You can't beat a beautiful happily ever after!I totally recommend this story if you love billionaire love stories! This was a 4.5 star read for me :)Received a complimentary copy through NetGalley
review 2: I loved Kimber - a quirky, smart and determined not to fall in love any more than she already is with the out-of-her-league hero who needs her help. There's a hyper-active nephew needing minding and Kimber needs an infusion of cash to buy out her jerk of an ex-boyfriend and still-business partner. Landon can solve both of the problems at once, needing just a week of Kimber's time to mind the nephew for whom he's caring while his single-parent brother wraps up a big business obligation of his own.Of course, it goes much more than business but after time in which Landon and Kimber discover a lot more depth to each other as well as their attraction. The story is sexy, funny and sweet. You will love the supporting cast who add a lot of colour to Landon's romance with Kimber. There's a somewhat heart-wrenching back-story that makes Landon a much more complicated and sympathetic character than his "oodles of money" ambience might suggest.If you like romances with smarts, heart and humour, you'll love "The Millionaire Affair".(ARC provided by the publisher via NetGalley in return for an honest review.) less
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