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Godcorp 3 (2000)

by Jessica Smith(Favorite Author)
4.58 of 5 Votes: 4
review 1: This was wow, it was dark, sad, heartbreaking, it was just different. It made me sad but since reading the other two books it was completely understandable. Evie has her twins and she knows that Ocra is the evil Alice Stone. She cannot stand it and wants Ocra gone. She tries to get her gone but no one does anything and people think she is crazy. Lucius is so in love with the twins and Evie can't get close to Ocra. She has some terrifying moments and some freaky moments that left you gasping. Great writing. I could so see this series as 3 movies. Like the Omen and the Exorcist. Can Evie convince everyone she is not crazy? Can she get rid of Ocra? Will she learn to love her? Or will she always see her as Alice freaking Stone? Read this series. It is dark but its awesome. If ... moreyou aren't open to different books then this isn't for you but if you see them as entertainment such as the movies I mentioned then you will fall in love with them! Great books!
review 2: Kindle Copy for ReviewPoor pathetic Evie Devlin should be happy as everything seems perfect. She has the love of her life even though he is the devil and is about to have twins. Evie was initially was only carrying a boy but due to some interference by Badden and Michael the now fallen angel, she is also carrying her deceased enemy Alice Spoon reincarnated soul.When the babies are born she wants Lucius to kill it but he cannot even though she is schedule to be the one who will kill him. Lucius thinks this is his chance for redemption and save her this time around.Evie thinks Orca is trying to kill her and that she has the memories of Alice and she is out for revenge. .She tries not to have much doings with her and focus on Zachariah whom she protects from his sister fearing for their safety.Has Evie gone off her edge thinking Orca is going to harm there or is she right? Fearing her child and not want to bond with her troubles her world and that she is being replaced at work by the beautiful Catherine who rumors have Lucius and her as an item.Will Evie survive her turmoil despite herself? Can she be saved from herself with the help of the least expected person? less
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thank goodness for end of books. this one was saved by the last few chapters!
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