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Stranded With Her Ex (2011)

by Jill Sorenson(Favorite Author)
3.59 of 5 Votes: 1
0373277245 (ISBN13: 9780373277247)
review 1: I generally like Jill Sorenson's romantic suspense (a high compliment since I'm usually not a RS fan) in her full-length books. This reunion story suffered a little due to the shorter format, but still packed an emotional punch where the hero/heroine were concerned. The only thing lacking was the actual suspense and other plot points due again to the format, as well as some gory descriptions which I usually gloss over in her books. But I still think she's a great RS author. 3.5 stars.
review 2: I actually enjoyed this book. Daniela is going to the Farallon Islands to do research on sea lions..Unfortuantely she notices her ex-husband is also on the island(doing research on sharks) Ever since her accident she has pulled farther and farther away from him..She coul
... moredn't deal with her grief over their daughter's death..I liked it because they dealt with real problems and it ended in a realistic fashion..It kept me interested and you learn what not to do when you are in the water and you see a shark.. less
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I chose this as part of the RITA 2012 challenge. Quick read.
Great twist two people coming back together.
Great read! Will post the review soon.
I just liked how everything work out.
3 ½ – Romantic Suspense
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