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Haremmeisje (2010)

by Jillian Lauren(Favorite Author)
3.25 of 5 Votes: 5
9022560163 (ISBN13: 9789022560167)
De Boekerij
review 1: I read something else by this author (maybe an article in O magazine?) that i really liked and was surprised that her background was in the sex-industry. This is a very well-written book, the author does a great job describing the small steps and decisions that brought her to agree to live in a harem for over a year. Not a trashy book at all, which is what I think most people are worried about when they pick this book up. A very good memoir.
review 2: She has a great, relate-able, easy to read writing style. Interesting, especially at what such an odd age most of the book took place (Mostly 19). I learned about the seedy underbelly of high class prostitution, and the book gave off a beachy breezy read instead of memoir feel.I questioned some of her decisions. W
... morehen you have 30 designer purses, and you're out of money so you go back to being a sex slave to fund your new addiction to designer items, you're doing it wrong. But, honestly she was really just a kid at the time. Anyway, she's a great writer. I would read another book by her if the topic interested me. less
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Great memoir, and I oddly related to the characters struggle to make meaning in her life.
This is entertaining enough... but that's about it.
Fascinating subject matter, and very well-written.
I wasn't the first Jew in a Sultan's bed.
Fascinating and captivating
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