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Before The Devil Knows You're Dead (2012)

by J.L. Murray(Favorite Author)
4.16 of 5 Votes: 4
Hellzapoppin Press
Niki Slobodian
review 1: Kudos to the author for the direction she took with this series. It has to be difficult to "unravel" one's world (without a Sam to stop you). I do wonder where she will go though.My bigger problems with Ms Murrey is characterization. Even after three books, her characters still seem less than full rounded. Michael and the baddies were even worse. They were flat, unconvincing. You can't tell me someone is mad, you have to show me and make me believe. I'm somewhat unconvinced by the family twist, too.I still think this is a nice minor UF, and worth reading. Let us see what the future holds.....
review 2: I'm a huge J.L. Murray fan, so I was as excited as a 5 year old in a toy store to get my hands on this book before the publishing date.However, I was not prepare
... mored for the overwhelming emotional read that 'Before the Devil knows you're dead' took me on. Reading this book was like listening to a philharmonic orchestra complete with all the instruments, rich and full of content. This book is brilliantly written, descriptions of scenes and events are excellently done and once again the voyage with Niki Slobodian is full of richness. The characters are amazing and you can't help but to keep turning page after page to reach the final destination of the amzing journey you started on the first page.I look forward to the next book in this series, but also any book written by J.L. Murray will be a must read. less
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Totally obsessed with this series! So good! The characters are amazing.
Great series!! This book broke my heart....
Highly recommended!
3 1/2 stars
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