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The Secret Wedding (2009)

by Jo Beverley(Favorite Author)
3.64 of 5 Votes: 3
0451226518 (ISBN13: 9780451226518)
Mallorens & Friends
review 1: I like the Hero, Christian, and Heroine,Caro; the clothes, the food, the travel modes, the homes in town and in the country, the secrets, the conflict.I do like books about this era. It also references people from other books and gives a peek into their updated lives. I do skim over the more intimate scenes (maybe because I am older..or more interested in what the Inn Keeper's wife has cooking in the kitchen!..maybe both!).The foster brother of the Hero, Ithorn, was mentioned enough that when I finished this book, I immediately returned it to the library and got the one about him, The Secret Duke. I do recall reading them both a couple years ago. I am happy to be rereading them now. Jo Beverley's books are more complicated, longer, than some easier to read, but go deeper... more into the moment or the setting. I like coming away having lived moments during the Ball, near the stables, on the dirt road, in a carriage, with a seamstress, at a long dinner table. And recalling the Secret Wedding.
review 2: I've liked many of Jo Beverley's previous books, so I was anxious to read this one. However, I found it very disappointing. The heroine was completely unsympathetic. She wants to know if her husband is still alive, but when someone comes who could answer her questions, what does she do? She runs away like a lunatic and spends the rest of the book sneaking around disguised as someone else!I find it very, very irritating when the entire plot revolves around an "adventure" that could have been avoided by 5 minutes of sensible conversation. less
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Satisfying Regency romance starring a dashing army officer & a determined young woman.
3.5 stars. Fun read, but it was the cat who stole the book.
Another great story in the Malloren series!
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