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If Nuns Ruled The World: Ten Sisters On A Mission (2014)

by Jo Piazza(Favorite Author)
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1497601908 (ISBN13: 9781497601901)
Open Road Media
review 1: I knew this book was going to shake me. I often like to read stories of people working in the world to help give focus to my own living and activism. However, I was blown away by the commitment each sister is giving her all to make the world a better place. It is not all sunshine and roses for these women who like to get their hands dirty in the real world. I was particularly moved by one nun's story of her torture and what suffering she saw in the same torture pit, and how she is channeling her pain to help bring to light the stories of others who have been tortured as well to educate all who will listen. These are stories of strength, focus, healing and resolve that will help snap me awake as I reflect on them, hoping to use my skills to make the world a better p... morelace.
review 2: Jo Piazza ("Celebrity Inc.," "Love Rehab") has written long and well about the glamorous and the wealthy (and the intersection between the two). The former gossip columnist has turned her eye on a seemingly-anti-glamorous contingent, modern-day nuns. "If Nuns Rule the World" may not be a scholastic tome or academic treatise, and it may come across as skin-deep heroine-worship, but Piazza has undeniably selected ten wonderful case studies of the benefits of a purpose-driven life.INRtW is a light, breezy book (around 250 pages) that can be easily digested in tidy chapter-sized bites. Her introductory chapter describes the world of the modern nun - freed from the cloisters, the penguinish habits, and the stereotypical vocation of beating terrified schoolchildren with yardsticks. Today's nuns are educated and dedicated to solving the world's real problems by living among the afflicted, whatever the afflication may be. In a saying that the religious might recognize, if you're going to be a shepherd, eventually you're going to smell like sheep. These nuns believe in the crazy notion that in order to improve the lives of the downtrodden, you must live and fight side by side with them rather than living above like so many other religious figures do.And perhaps it comes as no surprise that today's nuns aren't exactly fully endorsed by today's Catholic leadership . . . a group that, shall we say, is not exactly balanced in gender composition. Piazza finds ten nuns who have found their calling nonetheless, and Piazza tells their stories in ten brief but moving chapters.These nuns range from the defiant - taking on global inattention to torture and sex trafficking to denying the reality of age by running Ironman Triathlons at the tender age of 83 - to the compassionate - caring for children born in prison as well as their mothers, or ministering to young women exercising their legal rights to have abortions - to the brilliant - using the church's status as a prominent investor to push corporations toward adopting more ethical business practices. These nuns may come from different starting points, but they each found the same path to the Church. And they love it, in spite of its flaws.Piazza makes the compelling case that these ten nuns are solving problems through investing their lives in the solutions. These are not women who pay lip service to anything. If these nuns ruled the world, actions might be valued a little more highly than a PR slogan. less
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I'm not a religious person but I found this book inspirational. These women are awesome!
These are some seriously bad ass women doing a powerful amount of good in the world.
This was an engaging read. I read it in one day. I simply could not put it down.
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