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Amoureuses Anonymes (2013)

by Jo Piazza(Favorite Author)
3.4 of 5 Votes: 2
2811210601 (ISBN13: 9782811210601)
review 1: Many have praised this book for being laugh-out-loud funny, but I just didn't find it very amusing. Perhaps because it seemed so filled with cliches. Yes, women can certainly be love addicts and many would do well to follow the steps in this book (at least some of them) but everything seemed like a stereotype.That being said, the plot really did have promise. Had Ms. Piazza made the book a bit longer, I likely would've enjoyed it more. There are so many characters and I feel like it just glosses over everyone's story, even Sophie's. Focus on just a few of the ladies in rehab and get deeper involved in their stories, and this book likely would've felt less cliche-based, leaving it much more enjoyable.
review 2: Interesting premise for the plot and some wickedly
... morefunny lines made the book enjoyable. The Love Addicts Anonymous group predictably draws the high drama and emotionally unstable crowd, which became a bit stereo typical and cheesy. The portrayal of the gay relationships as textbook perfect and the physical descriptions of the attractive women that all included very long hair, big eyes, and beautiful behinds are examples of uniformity that made the story less believable. Sophia, the main character is very engaging and she isn't afraid to look at herself in the mirror and work on her issues. I was cheering for her as she confronted her ex boyfriend and took the time she needed before getting into a new relationship. I received a gift copy as a member of the DotVoices community #dotcomplicated less
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An adorable read! Light and fun. Had me smiling and cringing and snickering at all the right spots.
This book was a lot dirtier than I was expecting. But the love rehab idea was great.
I still haven't received this Goodreads Giveaway in the mail yet.
Interesting premise and rather fun.
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