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Reading By Lightning (2008)

by Joan Thomas(Favorite Author)
3.39 of 5 Votes: 2
0864925123 (ISBN13: 9780864925121)
Goose Lane Editions
review 1: When I read Joan Thomas's book Curiosity I was enthralled by her writing and the story of paleantologist Mary Anning so I quickly got her book Reading by Lightning. My expectations were dampened quickly as this book is low key, slow to move and the character Lily just seems to float through life on the edge of everything that happens to her. I had a hard time relating to her because her reactions were dulled and distant as if she was standing on the outside looking in. However, the writing is good and because it takes place in Manitoba my home province and I know well the history of the Barr Colonists I did finish the book. I'm left wondering what she will write about next.
review 2: The novel follows Lily Piper from her childhood on a farm in Manitoba, to E
... morengland at the outbreak of World War 11, and back to Manitoba where she takes over the running of the family farm. The novel explores Lily's feelings about herself, her relations with her parents and with two significant young men in her life. The characters are well developed and the language is faultless. However, this is one of the most low-key and understated books I have read and, while this should be a positive feature, I found myself disengaged from the characters, especially from Lily! I was interested in the story of the Barr Colonists, in learning about life in England just before the second World War, and in the anti-communist attitude in Canada at that time. I found the characters of George and Russell quite captivating, but was frustrated at my inability to engage with Lily, the central charcter of the book! Having read rave reviews about this novel, I suspect that my frustration is the result of failure on my part, rather than in the novel itself! less
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I enjoyed the writing itself but I got a bit bored from time to time. Underwhelmed by the story?
Canadian author; set in 1930's prairie farm and England.
Another wonderful book by this very gifted author.
Loved, loved, loved it.
loved it
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