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On Lavender Lane (2012)

by JoAnn Ross(Favorite Author)
3.96 of 5 Votes: 1
0451235436 (ISBN13: 9780451235435)
Shelter Bay
review 1: Oh my stars! This is the best read for me of the series this far. I loved the shout out to SD and Kuchen ;) as a 3rd generation German Mennonite from Russia it is a favorite family treat. Not to mention I was reading book 2 & 3 during the worst ice and snow storm I can remember occurring in April here in eastern SD. It was a wonderful escape and the throw down ending was the bomb! Thank you JoAnn for one heck of a journey.
review 2: Started out good then just sort of dragged on. Author went into unnecessary detail. Could have skipped sections and still gotten the gist of the story.Celebrity food TV chef Madeline Durand returns to her grandma's farm after learning of her husband's affair. Old boyfriend, Lucas returns there after his father dies. Lucas w
... moreants to resume relationship and Madeline has cold feet because Lucas cheated on her. Later finds out he made it look that way so she would not give up her dreams of going to Europe Culinary school. There are 3 additional books in this series. Two books prior to this one and one after. Kara and Sax. Last Mary Joyce and JT Douchett less
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Loved even if the ending was predictable. (More predictable than usual for a romance ;)
Third installment in the Shelter Bay series.
the healing power of love
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