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Tin Lily (2014)

by Joann Swanson(Favorite Author)
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review 1: This book touched my heart. It's a psychological thriller written in a poetic style. The story is very dark, but the author managed to introduce light into it through her portrayal of Lily and Margie and Nick. The characters felt authentic and real. Lily had her life and heart shattered, and this was told beautifully through her struggle to start living again. The descriptions of how she felt (or not-felt), of her quiet place, were heartbreaking. The psychological insight of the author is astounding and that makes the suspense almost palpable. I loved how at first we don't know whether Lily is imagining things or whether Hank really is tailing her. Slowly, the whole situation reveals itself and we realize in just how great a danger Lily is. Although the pace of the book is... more quick throughout, it speeds up towards the end, making the book unputdownable.But for me the thriller aspect of the novel was just the background of the story about healing. Lily's progress from blaming herself for Mom's death to realizing she wanted to live not just survive was incredibly well-written. The progress was gradual, fully supported by the events and new relationships in Lily's life. Her transformation was heartwarming.I'd love to read more from Joann Swanson.
review 2: Two weeks after reading Tin Lily, I am still thinking about her story. A young woman in the throes of grief and fear who manages empathy for others and emerges a stronger version of herself stays with a person. The imagery and soulfulness Ms. Swanson weaves into Lily’s story, which is told in the first person, create a new companion who will stay with you long after you finish this first novel. One of my favorite aspects of Ms. Swanson’s style is that she trusts the reader to understand subtleties. Not only is her writing technically strong, her creativity and imagination invite the reader on a well-informed, thoughtful journey. Ms. Swanson’s approach even allows the reader to appreciate the pain that drives the antagonist of the story. The novel closes with possibility – the reader is allowed to create a rich future for Lily. A beautiful read, bravo! less
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For such an emotional subject, I found this stale and dry. I onky read a quarter of this.
this is a book that will stay with me for a long time...:)
Just finished! Loved it!
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