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What Happens In Vegas... After Dark (2009)

by Jodi Lynn Copeland(Favorite Author)
3.78 of 5 Votes: 2
0373605315 (ISBN13: 9780373605316)
review 1: The book as a whole only rates 3 stars. Certain parts were definitely better than others. Hot for Revenge by Jodi Lynn Copeland this one rates 4 stars on its own For a short this one was very entertaining and had a decent story line given the shortness. The characters were s little but wild but when the lead female is a succubus that is to be expected. Well that and lots of sex. This story gave me such high hopes for the rest of the book. Unfortunately not all the others measured up as well. Sensual Magic by Lauren Dane on its own I grudgingly give it 2 stars. Nell the bounty hunter and trying to save her coven or something like that. I honestly can't remember. I simply know it took me WEEKS to finish this one it was so boring and poorly written. I've been told I ... morewould enjoy Lauren Dane and her writing style so I suspect it was simply the fact she wrote paranormal and that's not her forte. I've yet to talk myself into confirming this though. It gets 2 stars simply because the potential was there it was just very poorly executed in my opinion. It took me months after finishing the Lauren Dane story to get around to finishing the rest of the book because of how bad it was. Divine Desires by Kit Tunstall it gets 2 stars for being ok Family feuding. A dormant vamp who has to be turned to save her. A dying father who has to become a vamp to save him. About the only thing really intriguing about this story was Devi's job, a tattoo artist. It was just blah. Too predictable for my liking. The Promise by Anya Bast rates 4 1/2 stars Damian and Elena. Instant chemistry. Instant intrigue. Battle for their love. It just draws you in. I actually wanted to read this one from start to finish which after the two before it really surprised me. For being a short their was a lot of detail and a lot of story to this one. This is the only one I would say would ever be worth rereading.
review 2: Four short stories all set in Vegas, where at least one of the leads in each is some sort of paranormal being - demon, witch, warlock, vampire, fae. All suffer from a lack of fully developed plot, but I fully understand that plot isn't the driving motivation behind these stories. I liked the mysterious nightclub on the strip that plays a role in all the stories, only those with paranormal blood can see it. My favorite story by far was the last one by Anya Bast, about a fae princess and her heartstring newbie fae commoner love. Odd for me, because I usually think fae are stupid. Elena and Damian were witty, sexy, and fun, and their connection didn't seemed forced to me like the others did. Now that I type those character names, I just realized another reason why I probably liked them best. Anyway, not really great, but decent. Glad I didn't buy though - go library! 3.5 stars for the last story, 2.5 stars for the others. less
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Nell and Williams was my favorite story from all three.
Great book by an amazing author. highly recommend.
Not bad, it was just ok for me.
"Sensual Magic" by Lauren Dane
i think this book is amazing
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