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Matzoh And Mistletoe (2013)

by Jodie Griffin(Favorite Author)
3.69 of 5 Votes: 4
Carina Press
review 1: Let me start by saying that I adore Jody Griffin's stories. I love her Doms and the strong submissives she creates. Her books and stories, this one included are romantic, sexy and very hot. When she takes her readers into the world of BDSM she introduces them both to the dominating and the caring side of this dynamic. Her Doms, and Jeremy in `Matzoh and Mistletoe' is no exception, are first and foremost loving and caring men who put the needs of the women who submit to them first. They may not be able to deny their need to dominate, they make very sure their submissives get what they want and need. Even if the woman in question doesn't always know theat what she's getting is exactly what she wants.I loved the care Jeremy took with Becca in this story. Just as I loved Becca... more's willingness to investigate what the man she had been interested in for five years had to offer, even if it scared her and brought back memories she'd rather forget. This is a tender love story first and foremost with BDSM the vehicle through which the tenderness is shared. It was wonderful to join Becca on her journey while she discovered what her fantasies - the same fantasies her ex-husband had shamed her for - where like when experienced for real. Watching Jeremy while he introduces her to the beauty of power-exchange, taking care to not push her over the edge, was heart-warming.I'm running out of ways to express how much I enjoyed this book, so let me finish by saying that it's hard not to adore a book that combines a beautiful love story, with smoking hot scenes and a wicked sense of humor.When I discovered that Jodie Griffin didn't have any plans to return to her Bondage & Breakfast books my heart sank. Having read this book my worries have dissipated. I have ever confidence that this is one author who will not let me down; regardless of the characters she decides to write about.
review 2: FTC: I requested this book from NetGalley for a fair and honest review. I do love this author’s work and did request the book on the basis of her name.This novel is a shorty but I liked it. Jeremy was, of course, a lovely Dom who was completely enamored by Becca. I enjoyed his realistic views on their relationship, his admittance that, as much as he liked her, if she wasn’t submissive it was not ever going to work as he couldn’t abandon a part of himself for her. I obviously enjoyed his kinky side but he wasn’t overbearing with it. He let her make up her mind without pushing her into any decisions and respecting her ability to run her own life; he was a nice guy Dom.Becca was a bit of a mixed bag for me. On the one hand I adored her willingness to explore her sexuality with Jeremy. There was very little that she said no to and so she tried bondage, spanking, wax-play and mild masochism in the space of this little book. She was so eager to put the past behind her that she grabbed onto life with both hands. The issue I with her was the amount of times she compared Jeremy to her ex. He was abusive and that was still a fresh memory for her but I did feel sorry for Jeremy because her constant comparisons made him question his actions towards her. I felt maybe that she wasn’t ready for this type of relationship and that made me a little weary of the HFN. He was more than aware of what he was letting himself in for but I couldn’t help worry that his heart was drowning out some serious warning signs.The sex was a constant theme throughout the book and it was very much fun. It all had a kinky edge and the chemistry between them was combustible; Jodie Griffin writes very hot sex scenes.Overall, this was a very sexy novella that definitely had me reaching for the fans. With mild BDSM and lots of hot sex, this one is one for fans of erotic romance. less
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very steamy.. Great story, wished it was longer
I really enjoyed this short Christmas read.
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