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Deadpool Classic, Vol. 2 (2009)

by Joe Kelly(Favorite Author)
4.19 of 5 Votes: 5
0785137319 (ISBN13: 9780785137313)
Deadpool Classic
review 1: Deadpool was my first comic book I have ever read. I got to say, I really enjoyed it. I found his constant jokes humorous. I also like how he talks to the reader and he seems to knows that he is in a comic book. The Deadpool comics follow the anti-hero, Deadpool. He is, as said on the back of the collection, "The merc with a mouth, the assassin with elan, the wryest wisecracker of the weapon X program..." Deadpool received his from a government experiment program. From the program he received regeneration, super human strength, and lightning fast resources.The volume 2 series opens up with Deadpool fighting an unknown villain. Deadpool defeats him, but his hand gets cut off in the process. Usually within minutes a new hand will appear. This was not the case. He lost his re... moregeneration ability. Deadpool locates the doctor who gave him his powers. Tests are run and they find out that the cells that gave Deadpool his powers are now destroying themselves and other cells in his body. The one way to stop the destruction is to inject gamma radiation into his body. The only known source for the radiation is the Hulk. Deadpool would have to defeat the Hulk and get his blood.Will Deadpool save himself dying? Is is too late for him? Read this collection to find out.If Deadpool was made into a movie and shown in the theater I hope they keep what makes this hero so unique. Deadpool likes to talk to his readers a lot, I mean a lot. I think that they should have him talk to the audience in the theater. Deadpool is also a wisecracker and makes a lot of jokes. Always making them at the wrong time. He also has a weird sense of humor. He makes fun of his blind friend, Deadpool dresses in different costumes, and of all things, afraid of needles. I think if Deadpool was made into a movie, they would need to keep those things to make it successful.
review 2: Forget Daniel Way. He's a pretender. Joe Kelly took Deadpool from a interesting concept villain and transformed him into an "anti-hero" few can compare too (Venom and Frank Castle the two main rivals). That most people now think Deadpool somehow appeared recently makes me ill while having met Daniel Way personally I can tell you now he's not a good writer. All one has to do is read his initial five issues of the "new" Deadpool to realize this. That so many now attribute the fame of the character to Way is a real shame, for Kelly and Fabian Nicieza are the true talents behind Wade Wilson's rise and if anything Way (and Wolverine Origins) have dumbed the title down to the point it is almost unreadable. Shame. Shame. Shame. less
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Good fun. I do largely prefer the newer Deadpool comics. This one is still a lot of fun.
A couple of differnt stories with Deadpool.I liked the story with Daredevil.
So 90's!
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