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Deadpool Classic - Volume 8 (2013)

by Frank Tieri(Favorite Author)
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0785167323 (ISBN13: 9780785167327)
Deadpool Classic
review 1: This is a real bounceback issue. I also completely misremember it.There are a couple of obvious misses:Copycat has become a girlfriend in the freezer. The homeless "comic relief" is neither comic nor a relief. T-Ray is woefully misused. He's a real menace. But here he's pretty silly. And as a pawn of Thanos, I would think he would be a serious, serious threat, no?Finally, the "my multiple personalities went into you so I must be the real Wade Wilson" is really confusing. Really. Also, I think, pointless. But there's a balance of humor and moral confusion and decent plotting that makes for a good Deadpool story.
review 2: Here you have it folks! Proof that your favorite merc-with-a-mouth is back in his “final or not-so-final volume” and has a heart a
... morefter all. Although he’s annoying as ever, this volume reveals yet more of Wade Wilson’s sane side. Nope, no spoilers-and let me tell yah, this volume’s racked with ‘em. But it just shocks me to heck to see how Deadpool has evolved. Being a writer, I sympathize with other writers when it comes to knowing the original story of a character. So, I always seek out the original text or story of a character I’m interested in by the author who created them. Deadpool Classic Vol. 1-5 I consider the official story of Wade Wilson, because his father-creator Joe Kelly wrote the first 33 issues. Volume 6 gets very weird and more to the kind of Deadpool people know nowadays. But not as bad. Then #7 and #8 come around with getting serious. Wilson expressing feelings that Joe Kelly tapped slightly such as pity, sympathy, and real anger, (not “slap you to next Tuesday” anger). Now, Wade Wilson is no longer seen as “Wade” or “Wilson,” but as Deadpool, the mercenary guy who looks like Spiderman, has a bad mouth, and seems to have millions of fans and yet no one is sure why--oh yeah, and there are always boobs, a constant waterfall of jokes, or dreams of boobs…and doesn’t he heal himself or something?? COME ON, guys! Deadpool had complex relationships, friends (and not friends), was in his right mind (as a person with feelings anyway), and a specific purpose to the universe. He killed those who really deserved it, felt bad for many of his actions, and protected and cared about those who needed it. No, he wasn’t cuddly or heart-warming, but he did care at some points (unlike the current Deadpool who doesn’t care at all). Volume #8 of Deadpool Classic is funny, epic, and satisfying--even for us girls who can’t wait to see how Wilson’s relationships turn out. And, even though the new, modern Deadpool is extra crazy and unnecessary at times, I’m still excited to see the movie and get the game--hey, it’s the merc-with-a-mouth. What else can I say? less
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agent of weapon x was surprisingly good. The funeral for a freak arc went one issue too long.
This was an enjoyable read and I finally got answers to a few of my questions about Deadpool.
The issue with no words is brilliant. And I love poking at the death of Superman.
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