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Office Girl (2012)

by Joe Meno(Favorite Author)
3.21 of 5 Votes: 2
1617750751 (ISBN13: 9781617750755)
Akashic Books
review 1: At first glance, this book came off as another story of quirky people living in the big city; the young single woman who wants to please everybody and has an odd habit of leaving weird graffiti wherever she goes, the young man whose wife leaves him because he doesn't seem to want to grow in their relationship. It becomes cute when they both fall in love but what follows was, in my mind, predictable and tragic. Even though the book is titled Office Girl, I ended up liking the guy in this story better. His character just seemed more sincere.
review 2: Bad, bad, bad. And worse - boring. Reads like stuff written by a high school student who got too much encouragement in English class and not enough criticism. Or someone who thought his journals were really deep.
... more Too much time spent describing outfits and physical features and not enough time making the main characters relatable. I didn't finish it. It gets two stars because at least it used proper grammar and sentence structure. But otherwise terrible. less
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It's not my taste. It's too dramatic for it to lead the story basically back where it started.
Is a MPDG still a MPDG if the book spends a whole twenty pages from her point of view?
Another reviewer used the term "hate finished"...pretty much sums it up!
I thought we were done with manic pixie dream girls. I was wrong.
Boring, didn't get very far in it .
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