I read this in my morning paper:

“A little-noticed mandate from the Trump administration has cleared the way for some people with outstanding arrest warrants to purchase guns.”

It seems that the U.S. Department of Justice under Jeff Sessions issued a memo six months ago that redefined who is a fugitive from justice. As a result of that redefinition, fugitives who were previously unable to purchase guns legally now can. And more than a half a million names have been dropped from a national law enforcement database used to determine who may purchase firearms and/or obtain a carry permit. WTF?

Earlier this year, Trump repealed an Obama administration gun regulation that prevented certain individuals with mental health conditions from buying firearms. This enabled those who are unable to work because of severe mental impairment and can’t manage their own Social Security disability benefits, and who were previously considered ineligible to buy guns to be able to buy guns. WTF?

And I previously posted that Republicans in the House of Representatives are considering legislation that would roll back decades-old restrictions on gun silencers. WTF?

So, the Trump administration and the Republicans in Congress want to enable more fugitives to buy guns, to allow seriously mentally ill people to buy guns, and want to make legal the use of silencers on firearms.

Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with these people?

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