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Maska Omnibus, Kniha První (2010)

by John Arcudi(Favorite Author)
3.98 of 5 Votes: 1
BB/art + Crew
review 1: Great art with some solid, inventive ideas. But where the hell is the story? All that happens is one person gets the mask then the next then the next... etc. There's no narrative arc and the characters don't seem to want much of anything (aside from whatever excuse is given for them putting on the mask).This lack of story culminates when the one bit of tension which had been building throughout--what will happen when Walter gets the mask?--dissolves instantly. I'm sure they were trying to defy expectations but it came off completely flat.
review 2: This is not a comic for the kids. Unlike the Jim Carrey movie, this comic is dark, violent, and incredibly bloody. This comic follows a mask that transforms people into a homicidal prankster nicknamed "Big Head." Th
... moreis volume, interestingly enough, is tame compared to the second and final volume of the Mask. If you appreciate dark humor and don't mind animated violence (seriously, gunshot wounds, limbs and heads being cut off) then this is for you. If you want to find a Mask comic for the kids look for The Adventures of The Mask Omnibus. That collection follows the film. less
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Good reading. It was nice to find art by Sergio Aragones, Mike Mignola and Ivan Reis.
Really funny. Great art.
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