NetGalley Says Yes!

Mutual approval…

I saw this on Fiction Fan’s wonderful blog and thought I’d take a moment to say thank you to the wonderful resource that is brings constant delight to this book blogger’s life.

Of course there are times when I haven’t been approved for a title I want to read, but if that’s the case I go to the library or buy a copy.

Picture for a while the book blogger sat at her desk full of files and minus the pen that is never nearby when she needs it despite endlessly retrieving new ones from the stationary cupboard, impatiently waiting for some or other vital piece of information to display, picks up her phone, reads her email to see the magic words – NetGalley – heart pounding she opens it and does a very restrained whoop when it’s confirmed that the latest must-read has been approved.

You really can’t beat those moments.

Over the four plus years I have been reviewing I’ve had more than my share of these moments and whilst the first book received and reviewed from NetGalley was by an author already known to me; A Family Likeness by Caitlin Davis I have also delighted in reading many new to me authors.

So that first book – in part telling the story of Dido Elizabeth Belle and in part a look at families of all shapes and sizes, although the detail in this book looks at colour, there is far more to it than simply a book with a message. So in short I got off to a flying start with a five star read.


In a small Kent town in the 1950s, a bewildered little girl is growing up. Ostracised because of her colour, she tries her best to fit in, but nobody wants anything to do with her.

A nanny climbs the steps of a smart London address. She’s convinced that her connection to the family behind the door is more than professional.

And on the walls of an English stately home, amongst the family portraits, hangs an eighteenth-century oil painting of a mysterious black woman in a silk gown.

In ways both poignant and unexpected, the three lives are intertwined in a heartbreaking story of prejudice and motherless children, of chances missed, of war time secrets and the search for belonging… Amazon

Through NetGalley I discovered the world of forensic archaeologist Dr Ruth Galloway, written by Elly Griffiths.

And then she went back to the 1950s and gave us a magician/detective pairing in Stephens and Mephisto which is equally brilliant.

Yes that makes a total of eight books read and reviewed through NetGalley by Elly Griffiths!

Through NetGalley I discovered the author Liz Nugent who provided me with two great reads both of which had the best opening lines ever!


I’ve read some beautiful and heart-breaking historical fiction…

Serious books, funny books and a whole range of books about poisoners – what more could a book blogger need?

Some books I’ve been directed to by other bloggers, some where I’ve made a discovery of a new book that needs to be shouted from the rooftops – NetGalley you are the best.

Over the four plus years I have been blogging I have read and reviewed a staggering 308 books from this fabulous resource – So Happy Christmas NetGalley, the publishers who provide the books to review and to those hard-working authors whose books entertain me and of course to all you wonderful bloggers who make sure I don’t miss out on the latest finds!

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