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No Mercy (2014)

by John Burley(Favorite Author)
3.64 of 5 Votes: 3
0007559488 (ISBN13: 9780007559480)
review 1: This novel is a deadly serious look at a serial killer with an engaging plot line and some interesting twists. Ben, the main character, is a coroner in a small Ohio town that is terrified when a serial killer of teenagers begin to operate there. It is a "psychological thriller" that might hit home for readers who have teens of their own. I did like it, but have a few issues. Some aspects of the plot are not very believable for me. The killer is revealed too soon, maybe, and the ending was not entirely satisfying for me. I also think some loose ends were not well tied up. I don't want to go into details because of the spoiler effect. Hence the three star rating; I did like it pretty well but will not necessarily seek out anything else from this author. Maybe I'm being to... moreo harsh, since this is his first outing. Time will tell I suppose.
review 2: This book takes place is a small rural Ohio town. The main character, Ben Stevenson, is a pathologist who is married to a physician and they have two boys. The police also play a significant role as characters. A child is found dead, brutally killed and maimed. The death of this child causes Ben great angst and fear for his own children, as it does the community. This book is a page-turner. It moves fast. The characters are very real and likable and the story compelling. This was a four star book for me until the last 1/6 to the end. It ripped me right out of the story and I had difficulty buying it. This was a buddy read, and at least one other person loved the book and had no problem with the end. I could imagine a number of other endings that would have kept this at a 4 - 4.5 star book. Unfortunately, the ending was a huge disappointment for me. less
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This is an excellent debut novel. Much more gripping and better written than most suspense novels.
OVerall the book was really good. I did not like the ending
Such a great book!!! Could not put it down once I started!
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