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The Defendants (2014)

by John Ellsworth(Favorite Author)
3.36 of 5 Votes: 4
Subjudica House
Thaddeus Murfee Legal Thrillers
review 1: Quick read; decent legal thriller involving the Chicago mob, and a good start to the Thaddeus Murphee series. I have downloaded several of these for kindle for free over the past few months, and have already begun reading the second book, finding these a fun and enjoyable diversion. This first one had numerous typos, which I do find annoying -- including one where the main character, Thad, was called Chad. Despite those, I am forging ahead with the series.
review 2: As my rating shows, this book was an ok read. I took it with me everywhere I went for five days. More editing would be helpful since when I'm reading and see a typo, it just throws me off kilter. I hope that writers make sure their novels are clean and there are no typos whatsoever. It's make
... moreall the difference in the world and shows that the writer cares about his/her product from beginning to end. Also, some pages just droned on and on unnecessarily in my opinion. I think authors have a number of words to reach for whatever reason, the publisher's requirements? Nevertheless, it's silly and unnecessary to write a description or something on page 20 and then say the same thing on page 32. (Of course with Kindle this would be location.)It was pretty good reading but glad I'm finished. less
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Great read. Fast pace. Couldn't put it down.
good, not great. entertaining. predictable
Didn't finish. Didn't like
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