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Defending Turquoise (2014)

by John Ellsworth(Favorite Author)
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Subjudica House
Thaddeus Murfee Legal Thrillers
review 1: I'm a huge fan of Thaddeus Murfee and this book didn't let me down. I have to say I found the story a bit slow in the beginning and I wasn't feeling it, but after I kept reading, the story unfolded like a piece of paper.Wow, there were two cases in one and who could possibly see how they would come together? Turquoise Begay is a young Navajo student accused of murdering her uncle. Angela Steinmar is Turquoise's caseworker and she's on trial for murdering her husband, Prosecutor John Steinmar. The difference between the cases is one female admits without question of her guilt, while the other swears she couldn't kill a spider let alone a human being. Thaddeus is charged with defending both of these women in their separate murder trials. Is he successful? Well you'll ... morehave to read to find out. When you find out the connection in these two cases, it will leave you shocked. And there's even a little surprise at the end that will leave you wanting to read the next installment in the series. I'm definitely up for that challenge. A pretty darn good legal thriller. It kept me guessing!
review 2: Book number five in the Thaddeus Murphee series, and another excellent, quick read. This one was, in my opinion, the best one so far. I certainly hope that Ellsworth plans to continue Thad's story, and especially appreciated the subject of this one -- abuse on Native American reservations and the all-too-often hopelessness it creates. This book also had a few typos, but the proof-reading continues to improve and the storyline has really gone deeper and gotten better with each successive book. This particular book allowed us to see more of the characters of his wife and grandfather-in-law, and furthered the relationships from the first four books. I love the settings, the characters, the court room descriptions... And it's wonderful, to me, that Ellsworth writes fast. I'm hoping for another book in the next couple of months! less
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The author has a good writing style but too many sub-plots left me a little bit confused at times.
Good read. At the end of the day nobody is totally innocent.
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