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Cold In Hand (2007)

by John Harvey(Favorite Author)
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0151014620 (ISBN13: 9780151014620)
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Charlie Resnick
review 1: Published in 2008 after Last Rites supposedly Charlie Resnick's last case, Cold in Hand continues the series. On Valentine's Day, the day of love, a dispute between rival gang members leaves a girl dead. Charlie is called back to the front line to deal with the fallout. He is living with Lynn Kellogg who was present when the girl was shot and the girl's father is blaming lynn saying she usedd the girl as a shield to save herself. The newly formed Serious and Organized Crime Agency investigates one of Lynn's previous murder cases convinced the case is linked to international gunrunning and human trafficking.Lynn and Charlie are put in mortal danger and the outcome is a shock. Charlie remains fascinated by Jazz and food he concocts out of leftovers from the fridge: leftover... more cooked potato, garlic, onion sauteed, a half tin of cannellini beans, frozen peas, cold pork sausage. Next, he whisks eggs with black pepper and Tabasco and when everything was starting to sizzle, he pours the egg mixture over the top. The novels always has the title hidden somewhere in the pages, and this one is from a song Bessie Smith used to sing: "Waking up lonely, cold in hand."
review 2: A fitting, but also tragic end (probably) to a great crime series. In this chapter, Detective Inspector Resnick now has his thirty years in, so retirement looms. And things are looking good, since he’s settled in with a love interest, Detective Lynn Kellogg. Their nights together, talking shop, sharing a bottle of wine over dinner, while Charlie’s jazz cds play in the background, suggest a coziness that Resnick has long deserved. If you’ve followed the series, you’ll find all the things you love: jazz music, crime, and Harvey’s Balzac-like eye for cultural details in a rapidly changing British landscape. The crimes on this go-round involve gun-running, human trafficking, and a very shady cop. It’s probably the most “international” of the Resnick books that I’ve read (however, I’ve not read them all), since it touches on Britain, Jamaica, Romania, and Lithuania. But Harvey for the most part keeps his focus on Britain’s mean streets. To say more would be to give a good story away. I did say that this may be the End, though I doubt Resnick is truly gone. A fascinating new character, Karen Shields, also a detective, with Jamaican ancestry, makes her appearance. If she’s to be the subject of any new Harvey crime novels, I’ve no doubt Resnick will reappear. less
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Unfortunately that is the last of the "Resnick" series and very enjoyable it was.
I am so sorry that Harvey is no longer writing Charlie Resnick books.
Sometimes a good crime novel is what's needed
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