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Darkness, Darkness (2014)

by John Harvey(Favorite Author)
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160598616X (ISBN13: 9781605986166)
Pegasus Books
Charlie Resnick
review 1: Charlie Resnik, retired cop in Nottinghamshire, is working as a civilian with the police. He is asked by Catherine Njoroge to work with her on a bodied discovered buried under a door step in Bledwell Vale. The body is determined to be a woman, Jenny Hardwick, who disappeared during the coal strikes in 1984. Her husband Barry was still working in the mines, and Jenny worked with the strikers. Charlie had worked in Bledwell Vale during the strikes, and remembered many of the people, including Jenny. Charlie and Catherine spend a lot of time interviewing and following up on leads. The story switches between 1984 and the current time, but it is done well. Catherine has a problem of her own, but Catherine and Charlie become good friends and work well toge... morether.
review 2: This is the last of the Charlie Resnick series, sadly, but Harvey finishes it up in a lovely way. A cold case from the time of the famous Miners' Strike in England is the focus of the mystery. Charlie is called in to aid newly-promoted DI Catherine Njoroge put the potentially politically sensitive case to rest. During the investigation Charlie wrestles with ghosts of his own as well as the specter of possible retirement. To reveal much more would spoil it for other readers. Therefore, read this final tale and enjoy saying farewell. And don't miss the author's afterward--a truly fitting coda for jazz-loving Charlie. less
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not up to his usual standard and I gave up a third of the way through i'm afraid.
Took a while to get started, but overall another good one from John Harvey.
The last Charlie Resnick novel. Well done as usual by John Harvey.
Good, solid effort, as always from John Harvey
The perfect last hurrah for Charlie.
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