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How The Poor Can Save Capitalism: Rebuilding The Path To The Middle Class (2014)

by John Hope Bryant(Favorite Author)
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1626560323 (ISBN13: 9781626560321)
Berrett-Koehler Publishers
review 1: Seeing Mr. Bryant interviewed on the news, I expected more from this book. I found myself highly disappointed with this book for numerous reasons.1) The majority of ideas were old and regurgitated. I have been hearing these ideas for as long as I can remember.2) Those that aren't really felt like they had an aura of "pipe dreams" to them. I think that they would be highly difficult to integrate at an adult level. I didn't see the discussion of financial education in early grade school on up. 3) The author (unless I missed it) failed to discuss out of wedlock births in the inner city and its impact on single mothers to remain poor.
review 2: Author John Hope Bryant provides some valid ways to embark on a new war of poverty by using education as the main thrust.
... moreThe book notes that everyone benefits when people are lifted out of poverty through training, job opportunities and financial smarts. He offers proven, practical solutions that give hope to those in the bottom tier financially in the United States. We know that capitalism thrives when it involves most, if not all, citizens. I recommend this book for those who are business and political leaders, and want concrete ideas to assist those in the straits of poverty. less
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This book really changed my thinking on how to solve the generational poverty issue.
Valid and inspiring points. Great subject matter for blue printing.
Every credit union person should read this book.
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