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Blood Seance (2013)

by John Kaden(Favorite Author)
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1493524240 (ISBN13: 9781493524242)
review 1: Evelyn Leighton was an up coming actress who lived in the 1940's. She lived in the mansion at 347 Alto Cresta in the Pacific Palisades. They say that Evelyn died in a car crash but is that what really happen to her. Sixty years later, the Kellerman family was looking for a fresh start. The mansion at 347 Alto Cresta was for sale. This is what Glen and his family were looking for. The new beginning soon turned into to a horrific nightmare. As Glen read more about the history of the house, he knew something was not right. Sometimes the dead come back to settle their unfinished business. Something evil was coming after Glen daughter. Glen realized to save his family, he must put every ounce of strength that he has to defeat this evil spirit. You see this nightmare has been fe... morestering for sixty years. This is not you average haunted house story. I like the way that the author weaves the past and the present to tell his story. This is one hell of a roll coaster ride from the beginning to the end. I will be checking out more works by this author. I would highly recommend this book.
review 2: I received this book for free through Goodreads First ReadsAt first I thought this story sounded familiar, but I was pleasantly surprised at how interested I was as the story got further along. This story plays out well by moving between past and present. I found myself rooting for this family in every possible way. It’s amazing what a family can go through and still keep it somewhat together. The 1940’s back story was very interesting. The only thing I can say about Viktor is – Yikes! This story will make you want to research the history of your own home.All in all it’s a classic horror story that I only read in the day time, but it kept me guessing what’s really going on and what really happened in that house. Kudos to Ian Henry for mixing fact with fiction – it made me Google rat epidemic in Pacific Palisades and I learned a few things. less
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Good, scary haunted house story.
Pretty darn good ghost story!
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