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Absorption (2010)

by John Meaney(Favorite Author)
3.84 of 5 Votes: 2
0575085339 (ISBN13: 9780575085336)
review 1: In some ways I have no idea what to make of this book - the big ideas and connections all seem to make sense in a way I can't quite yet reach - but whatever the hell it's doing and wherever the hell it's going, I want to tag along. The characters are all engaging, the visualised world/s are emerging clearly and finely, and while I normally hate "to be continued" endings, this one managed to satisfy but tantalise equally. Bought it originally because the second book looked good; now kicking self that I didn't buy both at once because What Happens Next demands to be known. Highly recommended on literary, creative, original and unusual grounds. (I may not have grasped why it's supposed to be as groundbreaking as its reputation suggests, but that makes no odds to me - it's... more still a great, unusual piece). Recommended.
review 2: A very ambitious series but quite mediocre execution so far; Absorption is not really a novel but more a collection of snippet threads that never coalesce and late in the book seem very rushed to boot; it is the first volume of a series true, but still I expected more coherence - maybe the number of pages allotted to the novel just does not support its presumed depth, problem encountered in another ambitious but even more flawed series (Cobley - Humanity's Fire); I did a quick pass through Resolution in which universe Absorption takes place since I remembered vaguely some stuff from there that takes place here and indeed some of Absorption events are mentioned there, but I was struck how much superior Resolution was as writing style, leaving aside coherence; still there were enough goodies in Absorption to keep me interested till the end and I am curious where it goes, but a step back for the author from his superb Nulapeiron series and I hope book 2 will get back to form less
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Can't decide if I loved this book or hated it. One minute I loved it next I hated it etc.
Really enjoyed it. Looking forward to the rest of the series.
Good fiction, good characters, a little inconclusive.
Very good book
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